Bath Bombs

  • Bath bombs are made primarily with fragrance oils (phthalate free) due to demand. Essential oil bombs will state 'essential' or 'EO' in the title. We also have 'blends'.
  • Made with a skin safe colorant.
  • We offer a variety of ingredients to appeal to different tastes. Please read ingredients to see what you are getting. Some contain oils, butters, milks, etc. and could be a possible allergen for you if you have one.
  • Bombs can sink or float depending on the density of the bomb and what ingredients are used (butter bombs tend to sink). In the end they will all leave your skin feeling wonderful and silky soft.
  • STANDARD - 4.50 oz - with cocoa butter added
  • LARGE -  5.25-5.75 oz each
  • GRANDO - Our large bombs between 7.5 and 8.5 oz each
  • BUBBLE DONUT - Approx 4.75 oz each. Luxury cocoa butter drizzle and bath bubbling whip cream. Crush it under full water for bubbles!

baking soda, citric acid, sea salt, apricot oil, buttermilk, cream of tartar, olive oil, fragrance/essential oil, colorant

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