Spray Lotion, Light & Refreshing


Bee Green Naturals Lotion Spray is an easy to use creamy milk spray based off our popular lotion. We kept the same great ingredients but just changed our recipe a bit and added a nice amount of our own infused Calendula oil and more skin soothing Jojoba! It's made as thick as possible while still being able to go through a fine sprayer. 

This spray was designed after I realized I needed a quick and easy to use spray for my kids for after showers/baths. The process of rubbing in thicker lotion was not something they liked and it tended to leave them cold. This spray is light enough that it rubs in quickly not leaving them cold and still nourishes their skin.

Just squirt a few times on your hands or anywhere else and rub in. Light and convenient enough to use right after hand washings to keep hands from drying out. I keep one right at my kitchen sink and its been so easy. (Right now our labels aren't fully waterproof but we are working on it.. keep the bottle turned around so you grab on the non label side.) 

Comes in a easy to hold 4 oz bottle. 

*** Discoloration on some of the scents is normal, especially if it contains any portion of vanilla which you may not realize is in there.

Contains: distilled water, sunflower oil, jojoba oil, calendula infused olive oil, aloe vera , mango butter, stearic and palmitic acid (veg based), vitamin E, cetyl alcohol (coconut based), glycerin, e-wax, goat's milk, citric acid, germall plus, fragrance on request

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