We will add to this list as questions come to us and we feel they would be beneficial posted here.


Q. Are your products phthalate free?

A . Yes everything here is free of phthalates.. even the fragrances.


Q.  I found a little speck of what looks like dirt, leaves, or dust in my Cocobum or Moo-licious spray, what is it? 

A.  We infuse our own oils, like Calendula, Plantain, etc. and when filtering the oils a few specks of the leaf/flower particles can get through. We do a double filtering process so while it might look odd it is nothing bad at all and can't hurt... it does give a bit more nourishing properties.

Q.  We have allergies to an ingredient in one of your items, can you make us one without it?

A.  Contact us and we are always happy to look into making a version for you. It's not always possible but we can try. 


Q. Why does my lotion, soap, wipe solution.. turn brown?

A. There is nothing wrong with the product and it is not rancid or anything, it's a reaction from a scent you requested. Any amount of vanilla in a fragrance will turn a product with water brown. More vanilla equals darker brown. Many times with other products you won't see this and that's because they add a chemical to stop the brown. With BGN.. we are as natural as possible and do not add the extra chemical.


Q. Which of your products are vegan?

A. An ingredients list is on almost all of our products. Most everything is vegan, but some of our handcrafted soaps can have animal fats and will state that by saying Tallow or Lard.

Also we do have lanolin in our wool care line, but lanolin is a normal by products wool production. As the wool is proccessed the oily sebum from the wool is removed and is called lanolin.

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