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Castile 1lb Soap Set, Random Cuts


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Our most gentle soap, 100% extra virgin olive oil and essential oil. Each cut is different, there are some 4oz bars and a smaller end cut or two. They are not perfect bars like we normally sell but a great price. Each box is minimum 1Lb/16oz. of soap. Scents could be lavender, lavender vanilla, basil mint, rosemary mint, a citrus, unscented, etc. 

Castile soap needs to sit for a 1 year but longer is better. Soaps here have cured for almost 2 years now and usually we would sell Castile like this for a more premium price. Being end cuts and random scents its a great way to get a nice bar for less. 

Being Castile and very mild, this soap does not have as much bubble as you may be used to. The longer cure does give it some though. 

Last time we did this we sold out quite fast with almost 2 dozen sets. 

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