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Kids Toy Bubble Bath Bombs


READ TO THE END PLEASE (11/29/19 some things have changed so please re read)

Bath Bomb / Bubble Bath / Kids Toy 

Set in the water and let the bomb go. Once done (or before if you'd like to break it off) you can take the whipped top and run it under water for bubbles. We recommend our reusable mesh bags for better bubbles and less waste, found here. Put the whipped piece in there then hang over the bath faucet. 

Shipping - we've done our best to find a 'green' option that will get the items to you safely without costing a lot to also ship to you. Packaging and shipping can add up our costs which raises the price to customers. We hope these arrive safely but please know due to the nature of the item its possible the toy could come off even in boxes. 

** CAUTION: CLEAN THE TOY OFF BEFORE LETTING CHILD PLAY WITH IT. We all know how they love to chew at all ages. :) 

*** Toy manufactures recommended age is 6+ months.

*** Fish is recommend 2+ as they are smaller.

** Always use caution exiting the tub after using bath bombs and bubble baths. It can be slippery for some. 

INGREDIENTS: baking soda, citric acid, sea salt, apricot oil, cream of tartar, cocoa butter, tapioca starch, cocamidopropyl betaine, fragrance/essential oil, colorant

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