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Scoopable Soy Wax for Burners


Easy to use and with a higher fragrance load for more scent throw into your room!

An easy to use wax blend that allows you to customize exactly how much or how little you want to use in your burner. Also a great way to blend and mix your own scents if you'd like. Simply scoop out with a spoon or stick and add to your burner. When you want a different scent, let the wax harder and use a spoon to scoop it back out of the burner then you can wipe clean if you'd like and add a new scent.

 REMINDER: These are NOT candles and have NO wicks to burn.

You must use a burner that either plugs in and heats with a light bulb (Target, Walmart, Amazon, Michael's I think, and even some grocers) or a burner that has a glass/ceramic piece on top and a tea light underneath to heat up the wax above.  Tea lights are super cheap and found at the same places mentioned.

 Please use all safety precautions.. keep far back and away from little children's hands since they are attracted to the light like moths to a flame. :)  Even with no lighted candles and using a plug in burner.. the wax is HOT! If it falls on a child it will burn. If they stick a curious finger in there.. it will burn! Keep away from where a child could get to it.

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